Business plan outline

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The business plan needs to answer the following questions:

Marketing & Sales

What are we selling? Business concept, product lines
Why will they buy it?Unique value proposition
Who are we selling it to? Target market (geographic coverage, psychographics and demographics, business trends.)
Where do they buy
How often
How much they spendon these types of products
Size of the market
How much of this market do we think we can reach
Where will we sell it? Distribution channels – “gallery”, retailers (which ones?),internet, catalogue
How much will we sell it for? Prices of similar items in the market


How will we get our products from here to there?
How much will it cost to get ourproducts from here to there?
Trade barriers or benefits from TLC that affect us
Transportation costs by type: sea, ground, air.
Insurance costs
Logistics providers inColombia and U.S., costs
Legalization of imports can take some time, and wood and natural fibers can deteriorate in storage in port. We need to find out what can be don to ensurespeedy legalization.
Will we need to stock inventory? Will we need storage space?


What staff will be needed (functions: admin, sales, management / number of people)?Will support functions (such as accounting) be outsourced? If so, with whom?
Will self-owned channels (gallery, internet, catalogue) be run in-house or outsourced?

Expected sales?
Costs of goods sold?
Administrative expenses?
Legal expenses?

Constitution / Governance Issues
Type of partnership?
How many shareholders? Whatshould they bring to the table? Is IPO a goal or do we want to keep it closely held?
Rights and responsibilities of shareholders
Shareholder compensation
Exit clauses and conditions
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