Bussines model

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This book will give you deep insight into the nature of business models.
It describes traditional and bleeding-edge models and their dynamics,
innovation techniques, how to position your modelwithin an intensely
competitive landscape, and how to lead the redesign of your own organization’s
business model.
Certainly you’ve noticed that this is not the typical strategy or management
book. Wedesigned it to convey the essentials of what you need
to know, quickly, simply, and in a visual format. Examples are presented
pictorially and the content is complemented with exercises andworkshop
scenarios you can use immediately. Rather than writing a conventional
book about business model innovation, we’ve tried to design a practical
guide for visionaries, game changers, and challengerseager to design or
reinvent business models. We’ve also worked hard to create a beautiful
book to enhance the pleasure of your “consumption.” We hope you enjoy
using it as much as we’ve enjoyedcreating it.
An online community complements this book (and was integral to
its creation, as you will discover later). Since business model innovation
is a rapidly evolving field, you may want to gobeyond the essentials in
Business Model Generation and discover new tools online. Please consider
joining our worldwide community of business practitioners and researchers
who have co-created thisbook. On the Hub you can participate in
discussions about business models, learn from others’ insights, and try
out new tools provided by the authors. Visit the Business Model Hub atwww.BusinessModelGeneration.com/hub.
Business model innovation is hardly new. When the founders of Diners
Club introduced the credit card in 1950, they were practicing business
model innovation. The same goesfor Xerox, when it introduced photocopier
leasing and the per-copy payment system in 1959. In fact, we might
trace business model innovation all the way back to the fifteenth century,
when Johannes...
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