Cómo funciona la función if en excel

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How the IF function works?

How the IF Function Works
The Excel IF function adds flexibility to your spreadsheets by introducing decision making. It does this by testing a specified condition inyour spreadsheet to see if it is true or false.
If the condition is true, the function will carry out one action. If the condition is false, it will carry out a different action.
The function allowsyou to specify what actions it should carry out depending on whether the condition is true or not. These actions can include executing a formula, inserting a text statement, or leaving the targetcell blank.
IF Function Step by Step Tutorial
This tutorial uses the IF function to calculate a fictitious annual deduction for employees based on their yearly salary.
The function tests to see if anemployee's salary is above or below the threshold of $30,000. Depending on the result, different deduction rates are used in calculating the annual deduction.
Following the steps in the tutorialtopics below walks you through creating and using the IF function seen in the image above to calculate this deduction for multiple employees.
1) The first step to using the IF function in Excel is toenter the data.
Enter the data into cells D1 to F5 of an Excel worksheet as seen in the image above.
For those who do not feel like typing, the data and instructions for copying it into Excel, areavailable at this link.
Note: The instructions for copying the data do not include formatting steps for the worksheet.
This will not interfere with completing the tutorial. Your worksheet may lookdifferent than the example shown, but the IF function will give you the same results.
Opening the IF Function Dialog Box
Although it is possible to just type the IF function into a cell in aworksheet, many people find it easier to use the function's dialog box to enter the function.
In this tutorial, we want to use the same function in a number of cells. The first step will be to enter the...
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