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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Liceo A-52 José Toribio Medina VERBS

Department of english.

Teacher : Claudia Barahona

Student’s Name: _________________________________________Grade: __________

Objectives: - Recognize different uses of verbs.

Regular and Irregular Verbs

To make the past tense or past participle form of most verbs (regular verbs) we simply add“ed” at the end.
Examples using the verb “walk”:
Past Tense: I walked through the maze.
Past Participle: I have walked through the maze.
(The past participle form is used in the present perfect,past perfect, and future perfect tenses. The above example is written in the present perfect tense.)
Irregular verbs are not that simple. We sometimes need a dictionary to help us write the differentforms of irregular verbs.
Examples using the verb “see”:
Past Tense: We saw the secret maps.
Past Participle: We have seen the secret maps.
Look up the word “see” in the dictionary. Notice thatthe different forms of the word are given. Look up “walk.” Notice that the dictionary doesn’t bother to give the different forms of regular verbs.

Verb List

|Infinitive|Simple Past |Past Participle |Spanish |
|answer |answered |answered |Responder|
|arrive |arrived |arrived |Llegar |
|ask |asked|asked |Preguntar |
|be i |was / were |been |Ser|
|borrow |borrowed |borrowed |tomar prestado |
|break i |broke...
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