Cambio de discos en dispersor en el area papelera

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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2011
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Replacement of Dispersing Discs 
Attention: - Make sure that the power to the main motor is off! - Hydr.Lube Pump must be running throughout the entire procedure.

 Reset of Wear Display 
1. Turn selector Disc Gap Operation Mode to position Local. 2. Start the Hydr.Lube Pump. 3. Push the Disc Position Operation button. 4. Push the Disc Gap Increase button until the WearDisplay indicates 0,00 mm. 5. Unlock the Zerosetting potentiometer and turn it until the Disc Gap Display indicates 0,00 mm. 6. Lock the Zerosetting potentiometer. 

  Recall the Adjustment screw    A.Tracer valve B. Adjustment screw C. Steering arm D. Locking nut
1. Release the Locking nut that holds the Adjustment screw. 2. Turn the Adjustment screw so that the Steering arm moves towards theDisperser main motor. Observe the movement of the hydraulic cylinder pistons. Turn until approx. 2 mm from the rear endpoint.


Separate the Disperser Housing section 
1. Dismantle the screwsconnecting the gable to the disperser housing. 2. Start the Hydr.Lube Pump. 3. Set the selector Service Switch in position Service. 4. Open the Disperser by pressing the Open button.



Replacement of Discs 
1. Dismantle the dispersing discs. 2. Clean the contact surfaces on the rotor and stator 3. Make sure that you put the discs marked ”R” on the rotor and ”S”on the stator side. 4. Always replace the screws when changing discs. 5. Lubricate the screws with anti-seizing agent 6. Install the discs loosely. 7. Use a screwdriver to press the disc outward. Theguide heel on the back of the disc must rest on the rotor/stator guide ring 8. Tighten the screws with specific torque for your Disperser size: KD-450 70Nm (50lbf) KD-710 150Nm (110lbf) KD-1050 150Nm(110lbf)

Reconnect the Disperser Housing section 
1. 2. 3. 4. Start the Hydr.Lube Pump. Close the Disperser by pressing the Close button. Re-connect the dispersing housing. Set the selector...
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