Can helen scape

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Helen is 16 years old she has a strong character. She lives with her parents in Pennsylvania. She has one brother .His name is Michael, he is 17 years old. She thinks herhouse is a prison because her father don’t let her leave home. One morning Helen makes her suitcase she hates her father more every day.
Every body in her house is sleeping, it’s 3:00 o´clock in themorning but she doesn’t know her father is awake. She is very happy in her house but the big problem is her father.
She is sitting in her bed and she waits her father return his bedroom. She thinks”I’m very young to leave home but I want to running away” but she doesn’t have a job .
Her father doesn’t understand that she isn’t a little girl.
Helen wants to go to the parties, cinema, meetpeople, leave outside at night, but her father doesn’t let her out. Saying that she can’t let out after six pm.
She thinks in her poor mommy because she doesn’t have a job and a strong character. Shenever says anything when her daughter and her husband discuss.
One day he says here “I take the decisions in our home”.
Helen doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t have independence.
She doesn't wantto live like her mother because her husband doesn’t care her ideas. Helen says that the parents of her friends are different. Her father is male chauvinist because her brother can come home at night.Michael can do whatever he wants.
Helen tells her father “This are not right because he is only one year old than me”.
They start discussing and her mother only watchs and she don’t says anything.Helen insults her father and he hits her. She doesn’t say anything. She goes to her bedroom to cry because her father never hit her before. Her mother says her don’t contradict him. Her mother tellsher father “Lots of girls have these problems. Sixteen is a difficult age. You don’t have patience.”
He feels sad because he hits her daughter.
Two Months after Helen meets a one handsome boy at...
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