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The first Canadians were the ancestors of the Amerindians who came across the Bering Strait before a. 20000 C., during the last glaciation of the Pleistocene, to the 8000 a.C. Indian tribes and divided the territory of Canada, in northeastern Micmac, Beothuk, Cree and Ojibwa, Iroquois and Hurons south west of the Great Lakes The Plains Indians (Blackfeet) and WesternTingii, Kwakiutl , Haida, Tsimshiam and Salish.

By about 6000 BC C. crossed the Bering Strait the ancestors of those who form the Dorset culture, which was replaced by the Thule (people) by theyear 1000 which resulted in the current Inuit. Christopher Columbus and his men were the first Europeans to set foot on America since the year 1000 a sailor I sight Herjólfsson Viking Bjarni andNorth America after reporting that unknown land attracted many Vikings led by the son of Erik the Red, Leif Eriksson initiated a Viking Settlement in America who was abandoned by 1010 for fightingagainst hostile natives, no information on this colonization in two manuscripts of the saga (literature) Nordic, called The saga of the Greenlanders and the Saga of Erik the Red, but Viking coloniesof Greenland continued to visit northern Labrador for centuries after the abandonment of the Viking colonies in America in search of wood and iron, in Europe did not transcend the knowledge of theexistence of America. These are some of the names that the Vikings gave the land of America: Vinland (land of wine) that corresponded to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia,Helluland to Baffin Island, Markland (forest land) corresponded to Labrador. In 1960 he discovered the ruins of a Viking camp by archaeologist Helge Ingstad at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland seemsto coincide with the so-called camp Leifsbudir and contains the ruins of 3 dwellings with up to 80 people, a blacksmith, a carpentry and boat repair workshops totaling 8 in all buildings. [
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