Canadian bacon review

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Canadian Bacon: a review

Roy Boy: Are you sure we're in Canada? 
Honey: You smell anything? 
Roy Boy: No. 
Honey: Exactly. Canada! 

Canadian Bacon is a movie that heavilycriticizes American society and way of thinking by pretending to make fun out of Canada and Canadian people and we can clearly see so in the paragraph above: for honey and Roy Boy it isdespicable that nothing “smells” in Canada (not like in the USA) when actually that is a good thing. The director of the movie, Michael Moore, is characterized by his like to criticizeand ridicule the worst of the American traditions, and this movie is a win. Hilarious and full of meaning, this movie will provide the viewer with an hour and a half of pure fun.The film is about the desperate need of the president of the USA (Alan Alda) of the citizens' support. The only solution that he and his advisers find is to start a kind of second coldwar against Canada, but the thing got out of their hands and the US sheriff Boomer (John Candy) and his friends Honey (Rhea Perlman), Roy Boy (Kevin J. O'connor) and Kabral (Bill Nunn)start their own guerrilla war against the canadians, resulting on the “kidnapping” of Honey by the Canadians. Then, Boomer and his squad will start a rescue mission on Canadianterritory.

Rhea Perlman did a specially good job interpreting the manly, bad-humored Honey. Moore fulfilled the expectations of his followers portraying a dumb, blind and arrogant Americansociety.

The music chosen for the film was good, not brilliant, but did its job of enhancing the images in the correct way.

You have to see this movie because it worths it.Apart from being a entertaining, funny movie, it is a good chance of discovering the beginnings of Michael Moore. A light comedy to relax, switch off the brain and laugh at human stupidity.
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