Cancer de piel

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The non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common type of skin cancer. It is called non-melanoma because this group of cancers includes all types of skin cancer, except one malignantmelanoma, which is cancer that develops from melanocytes.
The skin cancer is a very usual illness at the present by that reason is very important know their causes, prevention and treatments
CausesExcessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV), whose main source is sunlight. The degree of exposure to this radiation depends on the intensity of light exposure time, and if the skin has beenprotected. People living in areas where they are exposed throughout the year to intense sunlight are at greater risk. Being long-time outdoors for work or play without protection with appropriateclothing and sunscreen increases risk.
Tanning lamps and booths are other sources of ultraviolet radiation that can cause an increased risk of developing skin cancer melanoma.
Exposure to certainchemicals such as arsenic, industrial tar, coal, paraffin and certain types of oils.
Exposure to radiation as produced by radiotherapy.
Injuries or severe or prolonged inflammation of the skin, suchas severe burns, the skin over the area where there was a serious bone infection, and skin damaged by certain inflammatory diseases.
Treatment of psoriasis with psoralen and ultraviolet light givento some patients with psoriasis.
The xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare hereditary condition, reduces the skin’s ability to repair DNA damage suffered as a result of exposure to sunlight. People with thisdisorder develop a large number of cancerous skin tumors, sometimes from childhood.
VUS ne syndrome basal cell is also a rare congenital condition that causes multiple basal cell cancers. Mostcases, though not all, are inherited.
The most important way to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer melanoma is to avoid unprotected exposure to sunlight and other sources of...
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