Capitulo cuatro the phantom of the opera

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On Saturday morning moncharmin and Richard inspected box five an found nothing suspicious about it. They heard no strange voices and saw no ghostly figures.So they decided thar madamegiry was playing a pracitical joke on them.

Madame giry thinks that we are fools ! Richard exclaimed . we will sit in box five during the performance toning and prove to everyone that the operaghost does not exist then we will sell it
The two men walked back to their office where they found a letter on the desk. It was addressed to both of them and written in red ink:

Dear sirs,
Youhave been ignoring me and that makes me angry . there is still a chance for us to live in peace but you must meet my demands
I will be watching the performance from box toninght and you areforbidden to sell it
Christine daae will play the part of margarita faust toninght carlotta will be ill.
You must give madame giry her job back
If you refuse to do as I ask I guarantee that somethingterrible will happen during tonoght’s performance

“what nonsense” said Richard as he tore up the letter and threw it in the rubbish bin. At about the same time, Carlotta rang for her maid to bringher letters in bed. One of letters was written in red ink
If you perform toninght something awful will happen the moment you start singing. You have been warned.

Carlotta pushed aside herbreakfast and read the letter again “ Christine daae is behing this she is jealous of me “ she murmured to herself
But in fact it was Carlotta who was jealous of Christine Carlotta read the letter athird time “ we’ll see about that she said as she threw it in the fireplace.
That night the treatre was full the only unusual thing that Carlotta noticed was that the two managers were sitting in boxfive ten minutes into the first act Richard leaned over and asked moncharmin: “ so has the ghost whispered in your ear yet
“it is still early mocharmin replied
The first act finished and both...
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