Carandiru (movie)

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Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. Justification

3. Objectives

4. Synopsis

5. Description

6. Bibliography


We select the movie carandiru; this it is a moviewith a great social content. This talks about the problem that the people lives at internal level of a Brazil jail. Some of the prisoners are infected with the virus of the VIH and this situation makevery difficult the internal live.
in this movie it is explained like these people arrived at the jail and which is their situation whit his family, we will treat the social problem since people thatis private of their freedom it is excluded by the society; and we want to show the tragedy that lives this people and the terrible conditions for those that have to pass their families.
We are goingto work whit the social part of the movie.


We want to work this movie because this has a high social content and we want to show this part. We also think that people that areprivate of the freedom are excluded and terribly discriminated, with this work we want to show the life that people that are in a situation like this besides the problems for the family.
Take acomplicated topic is also the HIV and the form in that this expands, the conditions in those that live (like they sleep, what they eat, the solution of the problems among internal).
In this movie we willsee the mistakes that the prisoners have made.
The content of the movie is basically social for this reason it is but simple to work with this topic whit this movie.


• To give toknow the internal problems that one lives day by day in the in the jail
• To observe the interpersonal relationships that are presented in a jail
• To show the attachments that are generated ina situation like this
• To see a reality that we know that it exists but we never see it
• To show the life in people's family that is prey
• To expose the topic of the HIV

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