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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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Nokia and Cisco:
Extending the Power of Cost-Effective IP Communications to Nokia Eseries Smartphones
Companies are turning to Nokia and Cisco to drive productivity and profitability into the enterprise through the convergence of fixed and mobile technologies. By working together, Nokia and Cisco are able to offer complementary products, such as dualmode devices, mobile VPN and firewallsecurity solutions, and the networking and telephony infrastructure necessary for deployment, which can be combined to form a tightly integrated end-to-end business communications solution. This fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solution makes it possible for your business to mobilize your workforce in a controlled and secure manner, while leveraging your Cisco wireless LAN (WLAN) and IP communicationsinfrastructure. The increased integration of mobile phones into your company’s voice network and backoffice systems enables better management of telephony capital and operational costs. And this future-pointing solution positions your company to take advantage of the next generation of voice applications. When you extend your Cisco IP Communications functionality to Nokia Eseries smartphones, you getthe power to drive device functionality and employee productivity up—and your mobile phone communication costs down. Using this end-to-end solution, dual-mode Nokia Eseries smartphones are capable of both cellular and lower-cost IP communications via a Cisco WLAN network, and have access to advanced phone features and functionality provided by Cisco CallManager and CallManager Express. Time andcostsaving opportunities for employees and companies include: • the ability for employees to utilize private WLAN networks instead of cellular networks when they are in the office, in a satellite office, or at home—reducing mobile service fees and providing improved control over telecommunications costs. • the ability to quickly and easily extend call features that are traditionally only availableon desktop phones to Nokia mobile phones—including abbreviated extension dialing, multi-party conference calling, call transfer, and hold. • the ability to automatically route desk phone calls to Nokia Eseries smartphones, delivering convenience and simplicity to both employees and customers. Business calls are automatically delivered to an employee’s desk phone and mobile phone, which reduces thechance of missing calls and helps customers reach employees faster and easier. In addition, employees only have one business voice mail box to manage, which can help save time and increase efficiency. • least-cost routing support for cost savings on international and long distance calls when calling from Nokia Eseries smartphones in the office or when working from a satellite office or at home. •the ability to leverage the corporate voice infrastructure for call recording and automated reporting features to meet regulatory compliance and reduce the time employees and accounting departments spend on managing mobile phone expenses. • better in-building coverage and availability, provided by the capability to route telephony services through WLAN when mobile network may not be available oris unreliable.

Efficiently Leverage Existing IT Infrastructure and Provide Compelling ROI
Simple installation of Nokia’s client software on Nokia Eseries devices enables integration with Cisco’s CallManager and CallManager Express comprehensive IP over WLAN business voice communications solutions. The Nokia client supports

SCCP (Skinny Client Control Protocol), a Cisco protocol used betweenCisco CallManager and endpoint devices. It also supports Cisco Compatible Extensions for interoperability with Cisco’s WLAN. With the Nokia client and Nokia Eseries smartphones, you can leverage your existing investment in your Cisco WLAN and Cisco IP Communications solution—as well as provide more robust functionality for mobile users.

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