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Harriet´s is very good to the people who work for him.
2.- My mother is a
3.- Mr. Smith was one of the of the company.
4.- All the employees are to worklong hours in this company
5.- My previous work experience is really in my new job.
In common, in trouble, out of order, in a hurry, out of the question, in general
1.- Angela and Mary are bestfriends. They have a lot of things
2.- Andy can´t talk right now. He´s to catch his train.
3.- I´m afraid we have to use

Read the letter of application an applicant has set for the advertisementabove and underline the unnecessary details included.
Dear Ms. Field
I am writing with years old and at present attending Lakeville high. I think it is an excellent school. I believe that I amsuitable for the position advertised. I like children and get along well with them. I also have experience in taking care of them since I often have to look after my two younger sisters. They are twins andvery noisy. In addition, I have done babysitting for people in my neighborhood who will verify that I am both reliable and responsible. I did a lot of babysitting last summer before I went onvacation because I needed the money.
Furthermore, apart from taking care of the children, I am willing to do some light housework, too. However, I have to say that I can´t stand washing the dishes. I wouldalso like to mention that I live in Lakeville, but you can see that from my address.
I hope that you will take my application into consideration. I am sure that I am just as good as anybody else whoapplies for the job. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

EMPLEO, BIOLOGÍA, encontrado, motivar, VALOR
Harriet es muy bueno para las personas que trabajan paraél.
2 .- Mi madre es una
3 .- El Sr. Smith fue uno de los de la empresa.
4 .- Todos los empleados deben trabajar muchas horas en esta empresa
5 .- Mi experiencia laboral previa es en realidad en...
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