Caso kellogs (porque son quienes son)

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Jose Alejandro Castañeda Bonilla
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Using aims and objectives tocreate a business strategy

Personal Comment About The Kellogg’s Developing

While the competition of cereals increased, the leader Kellogg’s needed to place a new strategy to promote a new way tolook the cereal and the importance of that, they try to place their brand in the top of the customers mind when they are thinking in the breakfast, how they do that? Well Kellogg’s took the socialresponsibility very serious, they focus in what society is giving more importance today and one of that topics is the fitness, besides the products they already have in the market they developed a newcereal based in good diet highlighting why the breakfast is really important in the start-up of new day.

Followed by introducing the new products Kellogg’s needs to communicate their intentions toall of their customers, promoting the idea by making alliances with people enrolled in the environment of the exercise, as is ACA an association that is engaged with swimmers.

Another way to completetheir objectives was taking advantage of the cereals boxes advertising slogans that make consumer awareness about having a better style of life eating in the correct way as well they developed achart that shows how much the consumer needs to eat in terms of quantity to keep a good performance.

About the internal relationship is one of the important things to remark, is where they need tobegin. Why? Simply, because its necessary to have motivated their employees so they can transmit to the exterior the truth by feeling good making the balance of a good breakfast and a good exercise.Kellogg’s wants to keep the loyalty of their costumers as well they want to hoard the potential customers giving a new choice and different way to challenge themselves also they want to create a state...
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