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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Andrés Rocha

First Exam
Case “Sunnyvale Foods Inc.”

Reading the case is almost sure which is the main problem, and which strategies I would consider to do, but I have to go much deeper in my analysis in order to make a fully sensitive approach to the strategy I will use, that’s why I’ll take the case and I will make a deep analysis taking in considerations most of thesubjects seen in class and read in the book trying to apply those concepts to this analysis to finally answer the question, make those other questions which mostly will be solved during the analysis and I chose to let the Main Problem and Strategy to a final point after all the analysis and the response of the questions because with all of the previously done analysis it will be much easier tounderstand why I chose that main problem and why my strategy will work.

Reading a case like SunnyVale makes a quick conception that everything is wrong, they point out the problems in the same reading and they even show some of the strategies focused on a speech of an internal employee, but the whole picture is hard to see if you already see the bottom of the bottle, so making a wholeanalysis is like cleaning inch by inch all the problems and the possibilities on why the end up in that situation, why are they still doing it, because I had in consideration that this is not a small company, so why a big company of over a hundred years has failed to see the problems inside and why they are not aware of the changes in the market, these questions came to me at first when I firstread the case, but it’s difficult to tell answers to these questions without the analysis.

Making a successful company is not a easy task, and many people can grow up a successful one but without a clear picture about how the company reacts within a environment it’s hard to keep the company alive, there has been times where companies could manage the customers wants and needs, those times whena product was so hard to get that no matter how the products is, it’s color and many other acclaims, the customer was buying, but nowadays things has changed 180 degrees, and now the companies feed themselves with the customers, not by themselves, the ideas and products doesn’t come from ideas made inside the company, but they come from a very deep analysis of the customer needs, but this isalmost a new change for companies.

Companies have been existing with different names during the entire existence of human beings, since we were able to exchange goods then we created a way to standardize our deals with money, and so on, but the companies existed from trade markets, food markets and many other, the big difference is the amount of goods a single “company” is selling, on those earlydays, a company was represented by a single man, who gathered food by himself or maybe he had a big amount of terrains with people doing it, but the amount of goods was limited by so many different reasons, then we started the industrialization era and we started to grow in amount of goods and companies started to grow bigger, relatively, because if we compare those days with these ones, their growswas minimal, these are the reasons why with a small company with few goods the importance of making an environment, customer and many other marketing related analysis wasn’t really on the table, the production was so small most of the times was less than the people really need so the production was assured.

These days there are a huge amount of companies running together, selling the samegoods, in huge amounts, we are much more than those days, true, we consume much more than those days, true, but the picture is that with so many competitors and goods around it’s hard to get the customer to find us, and this is one of the problems of Sunnyvale Foods Inc. lately revised, then this kind of growth have been in a potential way, this means it’s hard to keep up with the environment...
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