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Lines 1-12

Why do they call the region “the Etna Valley”?

Because it is the Europe´s biggest active volcano and is becoming aMediterranean Silicon Valley.

Why is Mount Etna famous?

Use the word ‘tip’ in three different contexts.

Lines 13-25

Translate into English the following sentence (use theexpression ‘the likes’).

Is Mr Pistorio the current Chairman of ST Microelectronics? What does he do now?

Yes, and this Franco-Italian group has rapidly grown to become Europe´s largest anthe worl´s number six.

Lines 26-41

What do Silicon Valley and Catania have in common?

Silicon Valley in turn that Catania the city had a good university working closely with a leadingenterprise. In turn, this provided the basis for slim planting new entrepreneurial, research and academic activities.

Use the phrase ‘in turn’ in another context.

Lines 42-51Mention some of the ‘incentives’ Catania could receive?

Incentives provided by the European Union, The Italian government and local organisations, as well as Mr. Pistorio´s personal commitment,helped Catania grow into a high-technology centre.

Lines 52-61

Which were the pros and cons of ST Microelectronics situation when Mr Pistorio joined the company?

The Catania plant waslosing a los of money. But the island also had a well-educated population and offered high-tech companies what Mr. Pistorio calls “ample brain power resources”.

Lines 62-74

Define ‘unemploymentrate’.

is calculated as the number of unemployed divided by the population, and is expressed as a percentage

What was the role of the unemployment rate in the process?

The island had alarge supply of intellectual labour. And Mr. Pistorio encouraged studying with ST microelectronics working with Catania University, running advanced courses in its facilities and employing many of the...
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