Catholics and protestants in ireland.

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Catholics and Protestants in Ireland

Jose S. Garcia
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Throughout history religion has been a constant cause of good things as well as bad. Sometimes it is because different groups interpret things in a different matter or in some cases there is just hate between the two, ahate that might have been planted many years ago. It is hatred towards other people because of differences in their religious beliefs. In Ireland a similar situation has been occurring for many years. Ireland is a mostly catholic country but has some protestant occupants living there. The country has consequently been divided into Ireland and Northern Ireland. This separation did not happenuntil the 20th century. In the north, Protestants and Catholics divided into two warring camps over the issue of Irish home rule. Paramilitary groups such as the IRA (Irish Republican Army) formed to wage battles against the governing British Government. Although at first the battles were for total independence, they later started to commit violent acts against Catholics. This group was nowcalled the Provisional IRA. Most Irish Catholics desired complete unity with Britain, but Irish Protestants feared living in a country ruled by a Catholic majority and thus the struggle continued. In the southern Irish region, Protestants and Catholics lived a more peaceful life.
The protestant move first began in 1517 when Martin Luther, a German Augustinian priest published the 95 theses thatprotested against the Catholic Church practices and beliefs of 16th century. The term protestant later became known as the label to all those of Christianity belief who rejected Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, or Oriental Orthodoxy. One major difference between Protestants and Catholics is that Protestants believe that the Bible, rather than the church’s interpretation as the final authority ofall Christians-Sola scriptura. Sola fide, another of the protestant’s doctrine, says that salvation can only come from true belief in Jesus, rather than actions of good. Another important factor that differ Protestants from Catholics is that a Catholic priest must be celibate, and cannot get married. On the other hand, Protestants have pastors and they can get married. These are some of thedifferences between the two groups. Although they both believe in the same god it has brought conflict between the two.
In the Southern region the two groups lived in a peaceful manner but still deal with issues of segregation. However, after 1945 a new era began to emerge which led to the 1970 decrease in minorities numbers do to them marrying into Catholics. It was a growing trend that can beclassifies as assimilation or integration. If assimilation is the term used it implies that protestant would disappear by being absorbed in to the Catholic community. On the other hand, if integration was the term used, it would imply that Protestants will survive as the difference between them and the Catholics become socially accepted. It is an issue that is of great concern for Protestantsbecause to them it is a matter of life and death. In addition, it is also an issue that concerned all Irishmen because they also have to deal with Protestants from the North if Ireland was ever united.
The Catholic Church in Northern Ireland has gone through many events to try and unite the two sides. The Protestant clergy were interested in establishing an education policy, but were undecided onthe demands of the Catholic Church. They were more interested in securing concessions within the schools rather than harm the prospect for their Catholic counter parts. As a result, the Catholic Church was able to improve their position in the Northern region. However, the outcome of the Catholic authorities’ was usually governed by the ability of the Minister of Education to convince his...
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