Cause and effect essay

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Cause and Effect Essay
Mr. Riggs
Megan Shadrick
The Popularity of Electronic Mail

Electronic mail or e-mail as it is called today has grown into the most widely used form of mail. Itis easier and quicker to send an e-mail rather than sending a letter in the mail that will take three days to get to the person while an e-mail will almost instantly get to the other person. This isnot to say people do not like receiving mail from the post office. I like to receive cards or letters from people in the mail and many college students really love to receive packages or cards fromtheir people. 

Electronic Mail has changed how we communicate with one another. We do not call people anymore, we just e-mail them. The popularity of e-mail is understandable because it is easy, quickand efficient. It costs very little and most of us use it frequently. E-mail has not totally destroyed the mail or postal service but it has diminished its usage. Business seems too not be doing sogood for the United States Postal Service since they keep on raising the price of stamps.

Another reason for the popularity is that younger people know how to use e-mail or their computers betterthan most things. And people my age are getting older and starting college, which means they can ask a teacher a question a lot easier through e-mail than if he or she waited to talk to them in person.I know most teachers would rather you send them an e-mail them rather than call or talk to them in person in most situations. There are some instances when it is better to go talk to the professor inperson but in most cases it is better for both parties to exchange e-mails. E-mails are impersonal but they are efficient. 

E-mail became really popular about ten years ago. I can think of apopular movie named “You’ve Got Mail” which makes you think of email automatically when you hear the title of it. Now you can send cards, video, pictures and many other things online to one another with...
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