Causes and effects of divorce

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  • Publicado : 19 de noviembre de 2010
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Causes and Effects of Divorce

The divorce in many families can be caused for many reasons. One reason is

domestic violence. A cousin of mine suffered physical injuries from herhusband who

constantly mistreated her. He used to beat her in the face and body, and many times he

threatened her with a knife. Also, my cousin had a psychological disorder because of herhusband’s threats. She felt fear every time that she took longer than the usual to get

home because her husband was too jealous and aggressive. As a result, she decided to

denounce him toauthorities. He is now in jail for five years. Another cause is lack of

communication. A good example it is my best friend’s case (Carolina) who always was

arguing with her husband because he gothome tired from work and did not have time to

her. This situation bothered her since her husband almost never wanted to do some

activities such as walking, shopping or simply talking. They didnot have willingness to

solve this problem. Furthermore, they had a hard time in expressing their feelings and

needs of affection. Neither she nor he asked how much they loved each other oreven

what they thought or felt with respect to their marriage. Finally, poor money

management is another reason of divorce. Recently, I watched a talk show where couples

expressed theirdifferences about how to manage and spend money properly. There

was a young marriage who was having conflicts due to this situation. While she thought

that she should save money in order to supplyneeds and emergencies in the future, he

thought that he should spend it all as soon as he received it in other things as buying a

new car which was not a priority. Consequently, the lack ofresponsibility for managing

money exerted a pressure on the couple that obstructed the relationship. Couples must

understand that they must never neglect a relationship, and they must pay...
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