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A day at home when everything went wrong

Joshua is a very intelligent boy. He has thirteen years of age. He lives with his parents. He loves his parents like any child.
One morning whenhe got up from his bed, He could not find his parents. He worried but when he went to the room of his parents, he saw a note. It said "Dear Son, keeping house. We shall return later."
Joshua turnedon the television when suddenly television damage. This was a big problem.
At that time Joshua decided to read a story to entertain.
Suddenly, he felt very hungry. He went to the kitchen and hecooked some eggs. But when he was going to cook them, eggs fell.
Joshua was very wrong He did not know what to do. He soon calmed down and saw an apple in the dining room table. He tasted the apple itstaste was not pleasant.
Then he went to his bed and he fell asleep without noticing. Long after, he heard the door sounded and some voices saying. "Is there no one?"
He rose from his bed and at thatmoment the thieves entered the house. Joshua acted swiftly and hidden under her bed.
The thieves without wasting time rummaging through the house to see if there was anything of value. The boy couldsee with difficulty the faces of the robbers.
While all the thieves was took what more could. A thief noticed the child's presence.
Joshua saw his face of his captor. Joshua was shaking. Then helooks at that man face to face. The man began to crush the neck of that boy.
At the time when Joshua thought he would die, he awoke.


September 19, 2010

Dear Marylin

Sorry Ihaven't written but I have been very busy studying English. Anyway, I have some free time now, so I'm writing to tell you all my news.

I tell you I am on the last level of systems. I will hope tograduate next year. I'm happy for that reason.

As you know, I need to pass eight levels of English to graduation but I have so far approved four. That is why this semester I enrolled in the...
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