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1. Falsa: A scientist discovered that men had funnier faces than women.
He said three quarters of male “jokers” made offensive comments, while most women tended to smile.
2. Verdadera: Thescientist believes male hormones make them funnier.
Shuster believes the male hormone testosterone is the cause of men being funnier
3. Verdadera: Research shows there are more male than femalecomedians.
Women tend to tell fewer jokes than men and male comedians are greater in number than female ones.
4. Falsa: Men dislike hearing jokes about their wife’s mother.
Married men seem to like makingjokes about mothers-in-law
1. What are the differences between male and female humour?
RTA: male humor is more aggressive than women
2. Does the male humour change when men get older? Why?RTA: because mature man when envegece and cares more for his wife
1. A statement that is true.
Men are naturally funnier than women.
2. Thinks that something is true.
He discovered thatmen made more jokes about themselves than women and those men’s jokes were more aggressive.
3. Entertainers who make people laugh by telling jokes.
He said three quarters of male “jokers” madeoffensive comments, while most women tended to smile.
4. The period of someone’s life that they spend doing their job.
He said that in his 21-year career in comedy, he had never noticed that men werefunnier than women.
1. This is the man. His job is very dangerous.
2. I’ve engineer has repaired my television.
3. She stopped gave up going to French lessons.
4. I wish having hit the dogon the head.
5. I’m not as good at English as you are.
6. Write the correct question for the underlined words:
The policeman knew where the thief was hidden.
Do policeman knew where thethief was hidden?
Do you think humour changes depending on sex or the country you live in?
RTA: if you change the mood about sex and that men have different ways of expressing
In your opinion,...
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