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 Landlady (L): Vanessa
 Roommate 1 (R1): Samuel
 Roommate 2 (R2): Mauricio
Act 1
R1: Look at this. What do you think about it?
R2: Mmm… I don’t like it; it’s expensive for ourbudget. Look at this!
R1: I don’t like it, because it’s so far to the university.
R2: But it’s cheaper than the first!
R1: But it’s so far!
R2: Ok… what do you think about it?
R1: Mmm… It’s a goodidea! Let’s contact us with Vanessa!
Calling Vanessa…
R2: Hello! Are you Vanessa Carrillo?
L: Yes I am! Who are you?
R2: I’m Mauricio García and here is my friend Sam. We are interested in the adthat you posted at the University of Puerto Rico.
L: Oh yes!
R2: Can we see you at 4 o’clock today?
L: Ok!
R2: Will we see you in the address of the rooms ok?
L: Yes, I will be waiting foryou! See you later!
R2: Ok bye!

Act 2
R1 and R2: Good afternoon!
L: Hello! You must be Mr. Mendoza and Mr. Mauricio, right?
R1 and R2: Yes, we are!
L: Oh! Nice to meet you!
R1 and R2: Niceto meet you too!
L: Well, I received your call.
R1: Yes. We would like to see the rooms.
L: Ok! Please, come in…

Act 3
L: Well, this is the first room…
R2: And the other room?
L: The otherroom is like this. The room is next of this room.
R1: Great!
L: The rooms are semi furnished.
R1: Ok, what furniture are included?
L: One bed, one chair, one desk, one lamp, one TV and a closet.R2: Can we see the other room?
L: Of course!
R2: The other room includes the same as this room?
L: Yes! Let’s go to the other room.

Act 4
R2: Oh! It’s perfect! And… what about the kitchen?L: The kitchen you have to share with the other roommates and you can use when you need it!
R1: I have a question… each one buy our own food?
L: Everyone have to buy your own food.
R2: Ok it’s agood idea!
R1: Excuse me; do you live in the house too?
L: Yes I do, but some days I don´t stay in house, because I will go with my family.

Act 5
R2: And changing the theme… what about the...
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