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  • Publicado : 22 de abril de 2010
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English Essay about “From CEO to space tourist”

Author name: Crash

As the reading says, Eric Anderson cofounded “Space Adventures” and with this fact, he opened so many doors to earth peoplewho never thought about how the space truly is. It should be so exciting to know how is the world “outside” but we all know that to do this travel costs a lot of money, it’s so expensive and maybecommon people like us in nowadays conditions will never have even the chance to “take a bus” to the space, but in our mind we think about how the space is, and if we will have someday the chance ofknowing different beings and and say with no doubts that there’s a different or more than one different form of life, and with this, get rid of some religious ideas.

As Charles Simonyi says “Only as aspace tourist did i discover just how beautiful the world truly is” i think that the only way of discovering new things, is doing them.
Science is developing new tools in earth but earth will bedestroyed by all of us in some years, the end of this planet that protected us a very long time isn’t so far after all, so we need to think about new ideas about our home and our whole conception oflife. We should think about more space missions to discover a planet able to develop human life as we know it, but not to take a new planet and destroy it in one or two millions years, we should think ina new home and a new hope for us all.

In some way, Space Adventures amplifies the vision of our universe, but only for loaded people who can pay it, because it’s so far of being’s abusiness and work life most of things in our society...ruled by money. For mankind, space is a virgin place, and if we find a planet to colonize there will be inevitably a lot of people trying to makemoney of it.

Space touring isn’t as simple as touring in earth places, because it’s all brand new, you won’t see a waterfall or a wood, you will see the outside of our earth, how stars, planets,...
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