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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Why Don't You Just >Insert> Jesus?
An Approach To Renewing Your MindThe Insert Pattern
Bob Bodenhamer, D.Min.L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
It's funny about the way we "think." We make pictures in our heads full of sounds, smells, sensations, and things. Obviously we don't do thisliterally. It only seems like we really have an internal movie running in our minds. If you took philosophy inCollege, you might recognize that we call this phenomenology.
Regardless of what we call it, we experience "thoughts" as the internal re-presenting to ourselves of what we have seen, heard, smelled, felt, and tasted on the outside. NLP accordingly describes such thinking as our sensory representational systems (or VAK-- Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic). This reduces "thoughts" to more specifics.
Much. Because knowing about these component distinctions of "thoughts" gives us many leverage points for renewing our mind, changing our mind, running our own brain, taking charge of our mental-and-emotional states. This amplifies and puts some real meat on the old Proverb that asserts that "as a man thinks in his heart, so he is." (Proverbs 23:7).
Recently, I (MH) wrote the following ideas toBob in an email and offered them as suggestive of some interesting ways to take charge of our brains and create new some patterns for transforming everyday experience.
I find it interesting that when I stop my internal films of whatever ... and turn them into a mere snapshot, this process solidifies those pictures. By freeze-framing them, they become static. Solid. More real.
But.... when Ithen realize, and visualize the space between one image on the screen and the next image--whether 32 images a second or 64 images, or however many... if I stop the moving picture, then suddenly I can become aware of the space between the images and when I send my brain to those spaces, I end up in ... The Void that you have spoken about so often.
Try it and see. In that pause ... inside thatpregnant pause, when you stop, in your mind, with the knowledge of the previous picture ... and of the upcoming picture, then in that void it seems we have a place in which we could stick in a whole new Image and thereby totally transform everything!
Now in that Void of the Pause ... we could embed all kinds of things... then later, when we rewind the picture a bit, and then let it go forward as itnormally does, then all of a sudden a New Image and even an entirely new World could magically pop into existence.How about that, Bob, for a different kind of a Swish?
Well, sure enough, Bob began to play with this idea. He put it to various people in his trainings and his consulting work. In the following paragraphs, Bob shows his application and installation skills in the context of his pastoralheart.
Meta-Stating Your Movies With an >Insert>
To illustrate visually how this language pattern works in stopping a movie (i.e., a strategy interrupt), I (BB) had some of my students experiment. They ran an internal mental movie and then they stopped it abruptly, just to see what would happen. For some this minimized the negative feelings connected to the internal memory.
When I asked oneclient to stop the movie, all of the frames that occurred before the place of the stop simply collapsed. However, the client could still re-run the unpleasant movie. So I ran some additional meta-stating processes with her in order to completely blow out that movie.
After making sure the class knew how to abruptly stop a movie, I asked them to insert "Jesus" into the point of the stop, and tothen finish the movie. They were to get their representations of Jesus. When they did, I then asked them to re-run the total movie with the new insert of Jesus in it. This >Jesus insert> pattern seemed to really make a lot of difference for every one of them. You could say, it provided a specific way for them to put off their old mind, and to put on the new mind, thereby "renewing their...
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