Chapter 9-the phamton of the opera

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Chapter 9: Raoul follows the Persian.
The detective Mifroid went to the manager´s office. Raoul told him that Christine had been rapted by the angel of music who was called Erik. He also said that the managers new him as the opera ghost. Moncharmin told that they didn´t know the phantom but he had robbed them 20.000 francs. After that, Richard acused Moncharmin of stealing the money, Mifroidthought that he was in a mad house.
Raoul told all the story to Monsiour Mifroid. He thoght that he as crazy! Then, he asked some questions to Raoul about his arrangements to go away with Christine. After that, he said that his brother, Philippe, had rapted the singer because he didn´t approve the relationship! The man rushed out.
When the viscount went out of the office, the Persian blocked hisway. He said that Christine Daeé was there or in the house of the lake with Erik. They would talk of Erik calling him “he” or “him” because they didn´t want to be in danger. Then, Raoul follow the Persian to try to find Christine.
They went to a box downstairs . A Persian´s servant gave them two guns. The Perian said that they had to be always prepared to shoot because they had a very dangerousoponent. Raoul asked if he hated Erik. The strange man told him taht he had forgiven the the harm that that he had done to him. He spoke i a pity voice. Then, they went to Chritine´s dressing room and tried to passed by a mirror. The man explained that it had a complicated system. He also said the phantom comanded the walls, the doors and the trap doos. In Persia he was known as the trap doorlover. The viscount asked why it obey only him, if he hadn´t built it. The Persian replied: “Yes, sir, that it just what he did”.
Both Raoul and the Persian passed by a mirror and enter to a dark passage. As they were there they could hear a discussion. There were three bodies in the floor. At first people thought that they were dead, but they realized that they were in a deep sleep. The bodieswere of the Chief gas and his two assistants. Looking them, were the detective Mifroid, the stage manager, Moncharmin and Richard. The satage manager told Mifroid that it was not the first time they had been found sleeped in the theatre. He had foudn in the same state the night of Carlotta´s co-ak.
The Persian and Raoul continued his way. They walked by narrow passages, edges and so on. When theygot to the third cellar, the Persian pulled an stone. Then, they got into the torture room. Here, there was a punjamp rope. It might be the one´s who had killed Joseph Buquet.

Chapter 10: The Persian´s Story
The relator told that he wanted to know all about this story, so he went to the Persian´s house. He gave him some documents where he told all the secrets.
The Persian´s story said thatit was the first time that he entered to the house of the lake. Erik never wanted to tell him about the secret of the entrance. One day, he took a boat and try to get in, but something mysterious happened: He heard a beautilful voice singing below the lake. The Persian was charmed by the voice and two arms pulled him. It was Erik! They swam to the shore and after calling him a foolish, the monstertold the Persian taht he loved try to prove how mysteriously his mind worked.
Erik showed the Persian a trick to sing and breath under the water. The Persian said that he didn´t have to forget that he has safed his life. After that, he started discovering Erik´s secrets. He found out the tricks of the mirrors, the trap doors and how his voice could be hear from Christine´s dressing room.
Whenthe Persian acussed the monster of carring Christine he said that he could proved him that she loved him. Erik said that he would let her go and she would come back. Ande the things happened as he said they would. Persian was worried about this relationship and he discovered how Erik coul fill Christine´s mind, but fortunately her heart belonged to Raoul.
The Persian started to spy the lovers...
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