Child violence

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3) Jordan Anthony Brown, 11, was charged with murder of Kenzie Houk and her baby. The Brown boy allegedly shot Houk at 8 am, using his own shotgun. Brown then accompanied Houk’s daughter, 8, toschool.
"This is something you wouldn't even think of in your worst nightmare," said Lawrence County District Attorney John Bongivengo, adding that "the whole situation is heinous."
Houk was 8months pregnant. She was expected to deliver a boy in early March.
State Trooper Michael Markey said the girl ran outside and told employees of a tree-cutting service that her mother was dead. Theworkers then called 911.
His attorney met with Brown and doesn't believe the child is responsible for killing Houk and her unborn baby. But the Lawrence County district attorney said there is morethan enough evidence.
4) Kenzie Houk, (photo below) 26, was allegedly killed by her fiance’s son, Jordan Anthony Brown, who is 11 years old. Houk is the mother of 2 daughters, who are 8 and 4 yearsold. Houk was 8 months pregnant and due to give birth in 2 weeks. Houk lived in Pennsylvania in her fiance Chris Brown’s home. Chris Brown was at work.
Apparently there had been problems withJordan in the past, particularly with jealousy issues, according to a relative of the victim's.
"He actually told my son that he wanted to do that to her," the relative said. "There was an issue withjealousy."
5) Jordan purportedly initially told investigators who visited him at school that he had seen a black truck on the property that morning, and said that it might have belonged to aperson who feeds the cows. The description led investigators on a wild goose chase for a few hours, but because they noted inconsistencies in Jordan's description of the black truck, investigators spoketo the victim's 7-year-old daughter who rode the bus with Jordan to school and implicated Jordan in her mother's death, according to the district attorney.
Bongivengo said that the boy and Houk's...
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