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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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Violence is the expression of physical force against one or more people, compelling action against one's will on pain of being hurt.[2][3][4] Worldwide, violence is used as a tool of manipulation andalso is an area of concern for law and culture which take attempts to suppress and stop it. The word violence covers a broad spectrum. It can vary from between a physical altercation between twobeings to war and genocide where millions may die as a result. The Global Peace Index, updated in June 2010, ranks 149 countries according to the "absence of violence

The causes of violent behavior inhumans are often topics of research in psychology and sociology. Neurobiologist Jan      

Volavka emphasizes that for those purposes, “violent behavior is defined as intentional physicallyaggressive behavior against another person."[6]

Youth and violence

Official crime statistics reveal high rates of offense among young people. These offenses include rape, assault, and theft. About 34percent of all offenders arrested for criminal offenses in 2006 were under the age of twenty-one (Federal Bureau of Investigations 2007b). Rising crime rates are often directly related to the moralbreakdown among young people and vandalism, school truancy, and drug use, which illustrates societies increasing permissiveness. The mass murder at Columbine High School is an example of how moral outragecan deflect attention from larger issues.[14]

At the school of Psychology at Birmingham University, links between violence viewed from a young age can have a dramatic effect on violent youth.Research into media violence with young people has started as a result of the theory that they are a “vulnerable audience.” [15] Contributing factors such as poverty, one-parent families, and a lack ofparental care support and affection, along with inconsistent discipline are the most susceptible to be influenced by violent images through the mediums of television, Web 2.0 and more increasingly...
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