“Childhood lost among media and technology”.

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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2012
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“Childhood lost among Media and Technology”.

My mother has always complained about children being interested in video games and computers rather than outdoor games and socializing experiences.During my childhood I decided to ignore her and her complains, what I realize now that I have grown up is that all of her nagging and complaining was relevant to my upbringing and it would determine thekind of young man I am today. I grew up with action figures and toy cars, but the moment the first Nintendo came out for sale I went ahead and bought it. Little did I knew that the tiny machine boxplaced on top of my television was a mean to turn me -at that time a little boy- into a consumer. From there on, I needed to have every game possible, and to spend days in front of that televisionplaying for hours, addicted to it. If my mother had not inspired me to focus my attention in more nurturing activities, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.

Parents nowadays do not pay enoughattention to the environment their children are growing up in.
These video games, television programs and movies have subliminal messages that etch on a child’s memory and provoke him or her to actviolently to specific situations. While some video games are educational, the great majority of popular games is emphasized on violent behavior and promotes the use of drugs and alcohol, violenceagainst people or animals, lack of respect towards authorities –such as their parents-, racial stereotypes and the use of obscene language. Children are being swiped off their childhood’s innocence andbrought into a world of social corruption which can only lead them to a future of social awkwardness, and poor performance not only in school, but as professionals as well.

It would behoove us toremind the level of realism of video games, because the more realistic a video game is, the more affects the behavior of children. Kids and adolescents get often too involved in the stories presented in...
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