Children's apathy towards english learning

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  • Publicado : 17 de junio de 2011
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TUNJA, 2011

Apathy is a common problem during the foreign learning process in a child. Sometimes, the cause of this problem is about the methodology used by the English teacher. Through this project, we are going to study about this problembecause there is necessary to identify the real solution for that.

English teaching is the purpose of many educators around our country. Each one chooses a teaching method to facilitate the understanding of each kid. However, learning process is hard for the children when their teachers are not using the appropriate teaching method for them.

Our intention is to show some possible solutions forthis problem. We are going to research and then to analyze some attitudes of the children in the classroom. Then, we are going to compare different methods used in the English class.


During the pass of the last decades, we have observed the apathy that many elementary students feel when they are supposed to learn a foreign language.
One of the biggest Problems we haveobserved is the wrong methodology used by the teacher. Generally, the teacher does not take care about the personal needs of the students; this kind of behavior affects the development of the learning process for the whole group. Anyway, this is not the only factor for the low scores in the English class, there are many more.
This Project has been developed in order to analyze and research thedifferent causes that affect the learning of English. There are many of them, and here we are going to show their importance.


Teaching English is a hard process for a teacher. There are different aspects to take care. Environment is one of the most influential factors during the learning process. Many students feel distracted when they are not comfortable. To get a good attention ofstudents is necessary to be in an agreeable classroom.

Discipline is a very important aspect to realize a satisfactory class. Sometimes, students are not quiet during the English class. They are not interested, they are not listening and, therefore, they are not allowing the pedagogical purpose of the teacher. Teacher should to be controlling the discipline in the classroom. Indiscipline uses to bea factor to produce apathy for a foreign language when teacher have not controlled the situation.

Learning English is a complicated process in the children’s life. However, it can be an easy process if teacher uses the correct method to develop its class. To avoid distraction and disinterest in the class, teacher should to be attentive about the children's behavior.


Why do students feel uncomfortable and apathetical learning English?


To identify the reasons why students feel apathy in the learning of a foreign language.

* To analyze the reasons that difficult a foreign language learning
* To propose teaching alternatives for foreign language learning


Itis common to bewilder the discontent Produced by anything and the apathy produced by the method which is used in the classroom. In the second one we have a conditioned apathy. Let’s begin by give a definition of Apathy and conditioning.
“Disorder of the affectivity characterized by an impassive mood, indifference to people, environment and issues which creates disturbances in the capacity ofaffective expression in front of the external stimuli”[1]
We can make a clear difference between two types of conditioning: operational conditioning and classic conditioning
“The basic conditioning is a kind of associative learning which has been demonstrated by the Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov based on what Aristotle called “contiguity law” (when two things use to be together, the arrival of...
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