China: informacion basica (ingles)

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Currency: reminbi (peoples currency)

Ethnicities: han is the largest group

Geographical features:

The Tibetan Plateau-claiming about 24% of the Chinese surface area, Earth’s thirdlargest expanse of ice sheets due to temperatures being from -4 degrees C to -40 degrees C, depending on the season. The Himalayas mountain range lays in the extreme south of the plateau, with itshighest peaks in excess of 6500m above sea level, includes worlds highest peaks including mount everest (8848m)


Compare and contrast religions:
Folk religion: Chinese folkreligion holds aspects of ancestral belief systems such as animism (beliefs based on the existence of non-human "spiritual beings")include the communication with ancestors, and energetic streams, butalso physical phenomenon such as the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the Heaven, and various stars, as well as communication with animals
Buddhism: do good in this life, then reborned into a better lifenext time
Christianity: Believe in god , jesus and the holy spirit. They also believe in the resurrection of jesus christ and in heaven and hell.
Muslim:The main characteristic is believing in Allah(God in English and same God of Christians and Jews) as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, no associate and no equivalence and that prophet Muhammad is his Messenger.
Therole of religion in history and modern times:
Since china had a rich history, many people came and went through the country bringing new religions and way of life for the chinese people
Form ofgovernment:
Mix of socialism and capitalism
What the country produces:
Steel,iron, textiles, machines, armaments, cement
What the country exports:
Machinery and electrical equipment,Garments andaccessories,High-tech products,
,Footwear, Toys, Furniture,medical equipment,oil
Fun facts
* Fourth graders are expected to know 2,000 of the over 40,000 written Chinese characters. By the time...
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