China, superpotencia del siglo xxi

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Angélica Gómez López.
Estudios de Asia Pacifico.

China, ¿Superpotencia del Siglo XXI?

China, superpower of the XXI century? This is a very interesting question, especially when we have seenChina experiencing a so vertiginous transformation that gives the country a big leadership not only in Asia, but also in the world. And this is why its growing economic and commercial importancearouses everyone's curiosity.
The author let us know through the book that China's prominent role in the twenty-first century is mainly based on three important facts:
First of all the collapse of thebrick structure derived from the bipolar Cold War opens up to a new international situation. Also, the Gaige’s viability (reform) and the Kaifan (opening) that the leaders of the Chinese CommunistParty applied since 1978. And finally the strategies employed by China in order to achieve the reunification of the country as the reintegration of Hong Kong and Macao that have been relativelysuccessful.
It is important to understand that the rise to power of Deng Xiaoping was the necessary stimulus to complete the opening of the system in order to strengthen the Chinese economy. It is thenecessary counterpoint, that begins, moreover, the still-unresolved dispute between the primacy of ideology over the economy or, conversely, against the disastrous consequences of the "great leap forward" and"cultural revolution" planned by the Great Helmsman, Mao Tse Tung. Deng Xiaoping, at any time without questioning the legitimacy of the communist regime conducted a series of reforms in most areas ofthe economy and Chinese society: First, there was a reform in the agriculture field. So that the farmer has now more responsibilities and decision on his crops. Second, there is a reform in theindustry. It starts a gradual decentralization, tax reform and a reform of the labor system. Third, facilitating the emergence of new social and collective property which is stimulated by state favors,...
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