Cies islands

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2012
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Do you guys know where there are one of the most beautiful virgin beaches in the world? You might be thinking in the Caribbean islands, Australian islands… Well, didyou notice that here in Spain we have those magnificent islands?The Cies Islands, which are regarded as the most beautiful beach of the world by a British newspaper “The Guardian” in the year 2007.Parts of the island

The Cies Islands are an archipielago off the coast of Pontevedra in Galicia. They were declared a Nature Reserve in 1980. The Cies consist of three islands: Monteagudo,where ships arrive with visitors, do Faro and San Martiño, where it is Orly accessible with a particular boat. Monte Agudo and Monte Farol are the two main islands are linked by a sandbar as a resultof the action of ocean currents. The sandbank beach named after Rhodes, approximately one mile from magnificent sandy linking the pier and the tip das Vellas. The Monte Agudo also has a dunesystem Figueiras-named Mixueiro. The strong tide of western Cies is softened at the entrance of the lake due to a natural rock band,which comunicates the islands from Monteagudo and do Faro, this lake offers aperfect place where species of fishes can have refuge.

The land is very montainous and has a lot of cliffs and numerous caves formed by erosion by the sea and the wind. Monteagudo Island is separatedfrom the coast of Cape Home in Morrazo Peninsula, on the North Channel and the island of Saint Martin by a stretch of approximately 500 meters known as Portada Freu. Meanwhile, do Faro Island hasjoined Monteagudo island by an accumulation of sand on the inside of the archipelago. The Atlantic storms pass over the islands, discharging to hit the coast, so that the Cies is roughly half of rain thanthe rest of the coastline of the Rias Baixas.

They are called “ The islands of Gods” since ancient times offer paradisiacal landscape with a pleasant climate and with few rainfall during...