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Ugly Sister 1 : We’ve just gotten an invitation to the ball.
Ugly Sister 2 : At the palace.
Cinderella : A ball? At the palace?
Ugly Sister : Yes you know, the prince´sball. It’s not for you, of course. You have to stay and wash the dishes.
Cinderella : But I’ve washed the dishes. And I’ve cleaned the kitchen.
Ugly Sister 2 : Whoops! Oh, dear. I’ve spilled mytea all over the floor.
Ugly Sister 1 : That’s okay, she’ll clean it up. She has plenty of time.
Cinderella : I´ve already scrubbed the floor three times today.
Ugly Sister 2 : Let’s go getready.
Ugly Sister 1 : See you later, Cinderella.
Ugly Sister 2 : Yes, much later!

Cinderella : It’s not fair. I can’t go to the ball.
Fairy Godmother : What’s the matter,Cinderella?
Cinderella : My sisters have gone to the ball. I’m so sad. I wish I could go!
Fairy Godmother : Well, don’t worry. Your wish can come true. You can go to the ball.
Cinderella : But Idon´t have anything to wear!
Fairy Godmother : Here’s your dress.
Cinderella : It’s lovely!
Fairy Godmother : Just one thing: you have to be back by midnight. Good luck!

Ugly Sister2 : Look at the Prince. He’s so cute!
Ugly Sister 1 : But he’s been with that girl for ages. He hasn't danced with anyone else all evening.
Ugly sister 2 : Have you danced with anyone yet?
UglySister 1 : No, but the Prince will ask next.
Ugly Sister2 : I don’t think so!

Cinderella : Oh, no. The clock has just struck twelve. I have to go!
Prince : Just a minute! I don’t know your name…She’s left her shoe. I have to find her.

Prince : A week has passed since the day of the ball. I’ve looked everywhere for the pretty girl, but I haven’t found her yet.
Cinderella : Someonehas knocked the door.
Prince : May I come in?... I’m looking for the owner of this shoe. Oh, pretty girl, let me see your face… you look like someone I met the day of the ball, but, no, you could...
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