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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2012
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Was the French Revolution a Successful Revolution?

An analysis of the French Revolution reveals that it was not a successful revolution. Sometimes, however, strangely impressed to see that someof these men also swear that it is necessary to achieve these objectives, look to the "French Revolution" as an example, and have not been released yet of the deadly deception of "Liberty, Equalityand Fraternity" slogan behind which they have committed the most evil crimes and have been grinding the most inhuman ideas that man has witnessed.
Unfortunately, the hypocrites and criminals who arebehind this contradictory and misleading slogans have never failed so far to use it to attract innocent masses, producing invariably a disaster after another. The generations produced after theworldwide imposition of these ideas are present, composed of men ultra-individualistic, materialistic, petty, ignorant, easily and completely unrelated to a common national destiny, or any kind oftranscendent value. “Liberty, fraternity and equality.” (Gaynor, Elisabeth 171)
"Equality". This is neither more nor less than an appeal to the dirty instincts of men. Through the obsession with this slogan,it legitimizes and encourages constant and permanent hatred by the vague and powerless against all greatness, against any excellence or ideal personality. The doctrine of human equality in advancerobs the aspiration to perfection and eliminates the possibility of aspiration for a community based on higher ideals. With the "equality" involved, aspires not to the elevation of the smallest to thehighest level, but breaks down how high the level of the lowest, it dragged through the mud. Thus today we have criminals and subhuman directing our national destiny, when that job falls to the top,those with innate capacity for leadership and sacrifice.

"Liberty" however, is for us a more venerable. However, in relation to equality, it simply becomes the preaching of imperiousness. They...
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