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ROCK MUSIC – Heavy Metal

The rock music is a contemporary musical genre created to include each one of the diverse musical genres derived from the rock and roll. Usually it’s interpreted (among other many instruments that occasionally add to these ones) with guitars (acoustic or electric), drums, and bass. Many styles of rock music also use instruments of keyboard as the organ, the piano, orthe synthesizers.
The rock music normally has a strong misadventure, and often it centers on the guitar, so much electrical as acoustics.
The primitive rock derives from great quantity of sources, principally blues, rhythm and blues and country, but also from the gospel, jazz and folk.
The rock music has its roots in the age of the rock and roll and the rockabilly of the 50’s. At the end ofthe 60’s, the music rock combined with the music folk to create the folk rock, with the blues to create the blues rock and with the jazz, to create the jazz - rock fusion, and without a mark of time to create the psychedelic rock. In the 70’s, the rock incorporated influences of the soul, the funk, and the Latin music. Also then, the rock developed several subgenres, as the soft rock, the hardrock, the progressive rock, and the punk. These subgenres of the 80’s included the new wave, the new romantic, the glam rock, the synth-rock, the hardcore punk and the alternative rock. The subgenres of the 90’s included the grunge, the Britpop, the indie rock, and piano rock.
The heavy metal is a musical genre that’s characterized by powerful rhythms reached by the utilization of distorted guitars,double pedal drums, and pronounced bass.
The term heavy metal, due to the progression that has suffered this genre since its creation, is used in the actuality to refer to two different concepts: heavy metal (or simply "metal") as musical genre, where fits the different subgenres; and heavy metal (or " classic heavy metal ") as musical subgenre, corresponding to the pioneering groups and tothose who follow the classic ways.
The origin of the term "heavy metal" is not clear. A version defends that it was started by the writer William S. Burroughs, who in his novel of 1961 The Soft Machine, includes the personage " Uranian Willy, the Heavy metal Kid " In his following novel, of 1964, qualified Nova Express, develops this concept of "heavy metal", turning it into a metaphor of theaddictive drugs.
Through the years, heavy metal has evolved leaving a great quantity of new genres that come from the first representatives of the genre as:
60’s: The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds who recorded blues songs using electric guitars and changing the tempo to make them sound different as rock & roll. Also bands as The kinks, the who, Iron butterflies and Cream who started the “powertrio” using (electric guitar, bass and drums).
70’s: Heavy metal’s artistic and commercial emergence with three bands; Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin (the last one with the song Stairway to Heaven that according to the critique has the best guitar solo of the history, executed by Jimmy Page. This solo will be a serious key for the incredible solos that sound from the decade of the 80’s inforward. Also, in 1973 is born the band AC/DC one of the most famous rock bands of the history.
It’s created the NWOBHM "New Wave of British Heavy Metal" that includes bands as Iron Maiden, Venom and Motörhead that revitalize the genre heavy metal. Following Judas Priest's steps, they harden their sounds; reduce the blues elements and using faster tempos.
80’s: After Bon Scott’s death, BrianJohnson joins AC/DC to record one of the best albums of the history of the music: Back in Black. This disc achieved to sell over 40 million copies it making it the most sold disc of the history (before the arrival of Michael Jackson's Thriller) being the most sold rock album of all the times and certainly of the heavy metal. The NWOBHM enters to the commercial lists, when Iron Maiden and...
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