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End-User License Agreement ("EULA") for AIMP

Please read the conditions of this EULA carefully before start to use the Software Product which it's applied to.

Installation, as well as usage theSoftware Product "AIMP" confirmed that you agree with this EULA.

If you do not agree to the terms of this EULA, You mustn't install or use this Software Product.

AIMP (Software Product) isFreeware software and provided "AS IS".

1. Installation and Use

1.1. You may to install and use AIMP both your home PC and organizations of any form of ownership, including government and municipaloffices..
1.2. You may to distribute this software in the form of the original installation distribution file(s) and only for free.
1.3. You may develop and distribute your own Add-on(s) for thisSoftware Product with you own license.

2. Limitations

2.1. You mustn't decompile, disassemble or modify program or its components.
2.2. You mustn't distribute this Software Product formaterial remuneration (without Right holder’s permission).
2.3. You mustn't distribute non-original installation distribution file(s) (without Right holder’s permission)
2.4. It's prohibited to deletecopyright or any other information about authors or right holders of the Software Product.
2.5. It's prohibited to let on lease or to rent this Software Product to someone.
2.6. For infringementof the intellectual rights to the Software Product the Infringer bears civil, administrative or criminal liability according to the laws.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1. You accept that thisSoftware Product may contain bugs, and so, that you must make backup for your files by yourself.
3.2. Right holder doesn't give any guarantees of Software Product's operability on your computer.
3.3.Right holder doesn't give any guarantees of Software Product's operability if You do not update it to actual version.
3.4. As this software is distributed like "AS IS" software, you must consider...
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