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In this tutorial I will go through a simple, yet effective way to setup a lighting rig using 3ds max and vray.
Before we begin we need to setup the lwf.
Go to “Customize”, “Preferences” andclick the “gamma and lut” tab.
Check “Enable gamma /lut correction”, type 2.2 in the field next to “Gamma”.
Under “Materials and Colors” check both “Affect Color Selectors” and “Affect MaterialEditor”.
Don’t forget that for every texture that you use you need to override it’s gamma like in the screenshot bellow:
If you need a more in depth explanation regarding linear workflow,check out my lwf tutorial that I have posted some time ago. However, the steps above pretty much cover the essential.
1)    Click the “create” button and select “cameras”. From the drop down menuselect “vray” and click on “vray physical camera”. You can now create and place the camera wherever you want in the scene.
2)    Now we will create the sun. Click again on “create” and choose “lights”.Again, from the drop down menu select vray and click on Vray sun. You can now place the sun and it’s target in your scene.
When you will be asked if you would like to “automatically add a Vray Skyenvironment map”, click “yes”.
The position of the sun source is directly related to the time of the day. Bellow are 2 examples of renderings with different sun positions (while keeping the rest of thesettings identical).
VraySun parameters
1) -turbidity
This parameter affects the color of the sky and overall atmosphere in a way the dust affects atmosphere. A higher turbidity valuesimulates a larger amount of dust and makes the rendering look more yellowish. See examples bellow:
2)  -ozone – ranges from 0 to 1. Lower values are supposed to make the sunlight look more orange,while higher values should make it bluish. I always prefer to leave this as default.

3) -vray sun size multiplier – a value of “0” produces very sharp shadows, while higher values makes them...
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