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Cisco IOS Commands
This chapter is a command-by-command description of the Cisco IOS commands that have created or changed for the Catalyst 2900 series XL switches. Table 2-1 lists the commands described in this chapter and the command mode from which they are entered.
Table 2-1 Commands
Exec mode

Commands Created or Changed for the Catalyst 2900 Series XL Descriptionclear mac-address-table show mac-address-table show port block show port group show port monitor show port security show port storm-control
Configuration mode

Delete all addresses currently in the MAC address table. Display the MAC address table. Display the blocking of unicast and multicast filtering for the port. Display the ports that have been assigned to groups. Display the ports that havehad port monitoring enabled for them. Display the ports that have had port security enabled. Display the disposition of broadcast-storm control.

mac-address-table aging-time mac-address-table dynamic mac-address-table secure mac-address-table static
Interface configuration mode

Set the length of time that a dynamic entry can remain in the address table. Enable address learning on thecurrent interface. Add entries to the address table that are known to be secure addresses. Add static entries to the address table.

ip address duplex port block port group port monitor port security port storm-control shutdown spantree disable spantree forwarding-time spantree hello-time

Set a primary or secondary IP address of an interface. Specify the duplex mode of operation for an interface.Prevent the flooding of unknown destination MAC addresses and multicast address on this interface. Place this interface into a port aggregation group Implement port monitoring on this port. Enable port security on a port. Broadcast traffic is disabled if too many broadcast packets are seen on this port. Disable an interface. Disable Spanning-Tree Protocol for the switch. Specify the forward delayinterval for the switch. Specify the interval between Hello Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs). Cisco IOS Commands 2-1

Commands spantree max-age spantree cost spantree priority spantree priority spantree protocol speed

Description Change the interval the switch waits to hear BPDUs from the root bridge. Set a different path cost. Configure the priority of an individual bridge or the likelihoodthat it will be selected as the root bridge. Configure the Spanning-Tree Protocol priority of a port. Define the type of Spanning-Tree Protocol. Specify the speed of an interface.


Catalyst 2900 Series XL Command Reference

clear mac-address-table

clear mac-address-table
Use the clear mac-address-table EXEC command to delete entries from the MAC address table. clear mac-address-table[static | dynamic | secure] [address hw-addr] [interface interface]

Syntax Description
static dynamic secure address hw-addr interface interface Clear only the static addresses. Clear only the dynamic addresses. Clear only the secure addresses. Clear all the addresses for an address. Clear the addresses for this address. Clear all the addresses for an interface. Clear the addresses for thisinterface.

Command Mode

Usage Guidelines
This command deletes entries from the global MAC address table. Specific subsets can be deleted by using the optional keywords and values. If more than one optional keyword is used, then all of the conditions in the argument must be true for that entry to be deleted.

The following example shows how to clear the switch MAC addresstable:
Switch# clear mac-address-table

Related Commands
show mac-address-table

Cisco IOS Commands 2-3


Use the duplex interface configuration command to specify the duplex mode of operation for an interface. Use the no form of this command to return the interface to its default value. duplex {full | half | auto} no duplex

Syntax Description
full half auto Specifies that...
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