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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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If you are looking for an animated adventure with a whole lot of comedy, RIO is the perfect fit. RIO directed by Carlos Saldanha is an animated 3-D movie about a Blue Macaw named Blu, whose voice isplayed by Jesse Eisenberg, and him being the last male of his specie. Blu and her owner/ best friend named Linda, who both live in a small town in Minnesota, find out that there is another female BlueMacaw named Jewel, played by Anne Hathaway, but the only problem is that she lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Linda and Blu decide to fly to RIO in order to get the two Blue Macaws together to savethe specie from being endangered. In the processes of mating the two Blue Macaws get kidnapped by a group of animal smugglers; the movie shows the path of the birds trying to get back to Linda andovercoming Blu’s fear of flying while meeting city and jungle birds, some played by very known actors such as Jamie Fox, singer/songwriter and producer and George Lopez.

Immediately when themovie begins you first reaction is complete astonishment since the use of the 3-D effect with vivid colors is amazing. You get a very relax and happy introduction because of the beats from thesoundtrack that starts the movie. Since in Brazil most of the songs are Samba, their traditional style for music, and the movie grasp that very well. By using Brazil as the setting for the storyline to takeplace gives the director Carlos Saldanha the chance to play with the colors, the traditions, also shown in the movie such as the carnivals, and their music. I think he really made an amazingportrayal of the Brazilian culture and at the same time giving a moral message of the harm that we humans sometimes expose to those animals that are endangered.

I truly recommend this film for anyaudience since is a G rated movie in which families and friends can enjoy together. Also you can experience having your favorite actors all together in a whole different way that you are accustomed to,...
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