Como hacer perfume casero (ingles & español)

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How to make homemade perfume
Odorless vegetable oil
Freshly cut fragrance flowers
Vodka or Alcohol
Wax paper
Plastic bag

Small Empty Bottles
A Bowl
Small pot

1. First, cut a piece of the wax paper of approximately 8 inches long.
2. Cover two sections of the wax paper opposite to each other of about 2.5 inches with athin slab of the odorless vegetable oil.
3. Remove the petals from your flower of choice.
4. Completely cover the two sections of the vegetable oil with the petals.
5. Fold the wax paper ina way that the paste of flowers and vegetable oil is on top of each other.
6. Put the folded wax paper in a plastic bag and seal the bag, place this in the middle of several heavy books and let itsit overnight.
7. Remove the plastic bag and also remove the petals, scrape the (now scented) oil and put it in a small pot.
8. Melt the vegetable oil over a low flame until its consistencyis of a heavy liquid. Now you have the essential oil for your fragrance.
9. Mix one third of alcohol (or vodka) with two thirds of the homemade essential oil in the small bottle.
10. Gentlyshake the bottle to mix the ingredients and let it sit overnight in a dark and damp place.
11. Now you have your own homemade perfume. Enjoy! :D

Como hacer perfume casero
Mantecavegetal sin olor
Flores con fragancia Recien cortadas
Vodka o Alcohol
Papel de cera
Bolsa plastica

Botellas pequeñas vacias
Libros pesados
Caserola pequeñaProcedimiento:
1. Corta un pedazo de papel de cera de aprox 8in.
2. Cubre dos secciones del papel con la Manteca sin olor de aprox 2.5in de largo y con una capa muy delgada.
3. Quita todos lospetalos de las flores
4. Cubre completamente las dos secciones de la Manteca con los petalos.
5. Dobla el papel de manera en que ambas secciones queden encima una de la otra.
6. Pon el papel...
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