Como obtner calor

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TOPIC B: The Sun and Our Weather
ACTIVITY #1: What is Temperature?
DESCRIPTION: Students will learn the definition of temperature.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION FOR THETEACHER: Temperature is the measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance. (Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.) The more kinetic energy a molecule has, the faster it ismoving. Hot molecules move faster than cold ones.
 1. Have students move their desks out of the center of the room so they have large open space to work in. |  1.Move desks out of the way creating a large work area in the room. |
 2. Have students stand as close to each other as they can without touching each other. |  2. Stand close together, but withouttouching, in the space you've created in the room. |
 3. Explain to the students they are behaving like the low energy molecules in a cold substance. |  3. Notice how close together you are and howlittle movement is occurring. This is how the molecules in a cold substance behave. |
 4. Have students increase their level of kinetic energy. |  4. Imagine you've been given more kinetic energy.Increase your movement still being careful to avoid touching other students. |
 5. As students continue to increase their kinetic energy you should notice them spreading out and taking up more space onthe floor. |  5. Continue increasing your kinetic energy (event o the point of walking) until your teacher tells you to stop. |
 6. Have the students stop moving and observe their placement. Helpthem discover that as substances heat up and their molecules speed up the molecules spread apart causing the substance to expand just as hey have. The expansion makes the substance less dense which iswhy hot air rises. (Note: In reality the molecules do bounce off of each other while moving around. We have asked the student to abstain from that both to make the activity a little safer and to...
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