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Compact discs (Audio Compact Discs (CD-DA)) were introduced in the audio market for the first time in the hand of Philips and Sony as an alternative to vinyl disks 1980 and the cassette.
In 1984both companies spread technology that could store and retrieve data, and thus was born the CD-ROM disk. Since compact disc has changed how we hear music and store data in a significant way.
These diskshave a capacity of 650 MB of data or 74 minutes of very high quality music. In a generic way, we can say that Compact Disc has revolutionized the way that today day is distributed in all types ofelectronic information.
In 1990 were again Philips and Sony that expanded technology and created Compact Disc recordable (CD-R). Until then all the CDs that were produced were industrial process wrap aprerecorded performance model.
The disc and engraving is protected with a very thin layer of aluminium, which gives the typical silver. Today these techniques are used for quantities greater than 1000units, while for amounts below is cheaper, fast and convenient use recordable disc.
They also carry a coating layer feature. At first this era of gold and derivatives, which to the disk to have thatcolor. Today other versatile, durable and inexpensive compounds are used.
Today, when 14 years have passed since Sony and Philips developed digital Compact Disc (CD) and offered to the world thefirst expression of "digital entertainment", we get a new and revolutionary product: the Digital Video Disc (DVD). After the CD came the CD-ROM, Photo CD, CD-I, DCC, MiniDisc,... but none createdexpectations that has created the DVD. These developments have occurred in significant advances in technologies that support these formats: optical laser, reflective films, replication of disks, and aboveall, compression and encoding video, audio and data algorithms.
Arguably advances in integrated circuits (VLSI) and control mechanisms have enabled new technologies to make reality. In September 1995...
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