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Goal Planning Template

Instructions: This goal planning template is provided for you to document your draft DPR goals for the beginning of the fiscal year until your blank DPR online goaldocument is available on the People Portal. Please note the fields in this document mirror the fields in the DPR online system and will require a simple cut-and-paste transfer once your online goal documentis available to you.

|Employee Name: | |Mgr. Name: | |

Business Performance:
o With yourmanager identify the 3-5 business outcomes which will be of greatest value for you to deliver.
o In the fields provided, write SMART goals which reflect these priority outcomes.
o Shareyour written goals with your manager for final approval.
o Document your progress in the Employee Comments fields.

| |Business Goals: | |EmployeeComments: |
|1 | | | |
|2 || | |
|3 | | ||
|4 | | | |
|5| | | |

Personal Development:
o With your manager select 1 or 2 of theGlobal Competencies within which you see your greatest developmental opportunities for 2008.
o If necessary, you and your manager may also identify 1or 2 Functional/Technical Competencies which...
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