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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2011
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Comparison Between Mexico and United States


In 1960, Mexican women had on average more than 6.5 children, while U.S. women had less than 3.5, for2006 in both countries the average number of children is below 2.5 and very similar levels.

Mexico is one of the least productive in terms of outputproduced for each hour worked.While in the United States generated $ 36 per labor hour, in Mexico just over 9, and no, it's all due to the wage ... we are at the bottomof the table.
Life expectancy
During the nineteenth century, Americans lived an average of 40 years and 33 for Mexicans.For 1910, the gap widened to 57 and 27respectively. Since then the gap was closed, and by 2007 the difference is only 2 years (78 U.S. and 76 in Mexico).

Per Capita Income
In 1800 the Mexicans had anaverage annual income of $ 1 000 and U.S. 1.343. The nineteenth century was spurred by the large income gap that survives today. By 1910, Mexicans had barely reached$ 2.102, while our neighbors to the north were around $ 5.500. For 2007, Americans have an average annual income per person of $ 49 000 and $12 000 Mexicans.
WagesIn 1980, Mexico received averaged 2.2 dollars per hour worked, and a U.S. 9.6, for 2006, payment was 2.8 and 24 respectively. Again we are at the bottom of thetable of countries reporting data.
We conclude that the differences between these countries are very rough but if everyone puts on our side, obviously thepolicy and the current situation in Mexico will not be affected.
Are the laws that govern us do not? Then they are satisfied as they are, to lead this country to