Comparative analysis "lord of the fly´s"

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The movie is about a group of English boys of different ages and personalities, which gets lost in a desert island because of an aerial accident. At the beginning, they considered it as an adventure, but little by little, when they saw that they had to fight for their survival in adesert island, without the help and protection of any adult, they had to get organized and be united. They tried to create a small society, however, the childish human behavior, added to the fears and immaturity of the boys, started to create feelings of leadership, greed, envy and evil. It is important to mention that of course there were also feelings of sensibility, and sanity. All thosefeelings showed us an essential point between civilization and barbarism.
In this movie some of the main characters are: “Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Roger, Simon, among others. Each character in the story showed their personalities and different behaviors, and I will try to analyze them from Sigmund Freud and Daniel Goleman´s point of view.
Sigmund Freud´s way of thinking.
Freud was an Austrian doctor andneurologist, who was the founder of psychoanalysis.
The id, the ego and superego, this is the model that Freud used to describe the components of human personality. The ego, tempered by the superego, is that conscious part that acts as mediator between the instinctual drives of the unconscious id and the social environment. According to Freud, the ego has developed what he calls defensemechanisms, to cover for the wild demands of the id, which would rarely be socially acceptable. All of the defense can be described as a combination of denial or repression with different ways of rationalization. When we rationalize, we are distorting the fact to make the event or our impulses less threatening; that is, diluting the anxiety a manageable level.
From Sigmund Freud´s point of view of theanalysis about the movie´s plot, we can see a very important word “leadership”, because when Ralph, one of the main characters appeared, had a lot of strength and a sense of leadership, it is important to point out his democratic form of organization and his ability to set rules for the group with the desire of achieving a better result, as an example, whenever someone wanted to give his opinionthe “shell” had to be used. According to Sigmund Freud´s point of view, in this moment of the movie arose the sense of leadership. It is here where the first affective link starts with the model that exists, and also the idea of the ego began to get involved. It is the identification of Piggy toward Ralph. Piggy is another of the main characters of the story, who had the intelligence and theability of reasoning, but the lack of leadership. On the other hand there´s Jack, that against Piggy, revolted against Ralph; in accordance with Sigmund Freud, this happened because the relationship with the leader would be a condition with contrary emotions and feelings, and that is why Jack showed a negative side of the position that he lived.
Also it is important to mention, that because of theaerial accident the boys discovered that they were alone, without any adult who could guide and protect them. The children discovered that there were no representatives outward the superego, talking about any kind of authority and that is why the children in response to the instinct of getting involved as a measure of human protection, they wanted to constitute a society which would give limits andlaws. Then at this point, they began to organize themselves, electing Ralph as their leader, because he was a person who represented the reason and the order, and also he had the ability of directing the society. Talking about the importance of Piggy´s role within the story, he helped Ralph in the decision making. As the story continued, the mechanism of defense and survival of the children...
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