Comparative analysis on oedipus and hamlet

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Hamlet and Oedipus Rex are two masterpieces whose complexity has led to the deep analysis of the emotions and actions that take place throughout both stories. Hamlet and Oedipus are strong men with avery clear objective. They are moved by passions and have the determination to achieve their goal no matter the cost of it. Both characters, Oedipus and Hamlet, begin a constant fight againsteveryone that might oppose to the achievement of their goal, finding the truth.

In both stories, there is a starting point for the tension and the whole development of the dilemmas. This is when the maincharacters gets to feel the slightest sign that there is an unrevealed truth that they must know. This awakens their curiosity and obsession to reveal that truth and be led to the climax of the story.In Hamlet, the apparition of the ghost of his father and the revelation of the truth of his death makes Hamlet feel engaged to find out if the words of the ghost were truth or not. If they were, hehad nothing else to do but avenge the death of his father and the betrayal of his uncle and now stepfather. Similarly from Hamlet, Oedipus also has someone to awaken doubt inside him. In the case ofOedipus, the oracle is the one that reveals a truth that he cannot conceive; yet he has to face.

Moreover, both stories show that from the moment in which both main characters have been told about atruth they did not know, they start acting right away in order to confirm the words of the ghost in case of Hamlet, and the oracle in case of Oedipus. Hamlet decides to put Claudius to the test bypreparing a play where the truth is performed and analyzing the reactions of Claudius during and after watching the movie. Claudius effectively shows guilt, which proves Hamlet that the ghost’s wordswere truthful. In Oedipus story, Oedipus also feels the need of finding proves. So he decides to gather information from people and prophets. The more people he hears, the more sure he is that his...
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