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‘Pester Power’
“Mom I want this. Dad I want this” are the demands, fuelled by marketing tactics that erode the adult wallets. The bug is none other than Pester Power. The power children have, byrepeated nagging, of influencing their parents to buy advertised or fashionable items is called as Pester power. The marketers are relying on the kids to pester the mom to buy the product, rather thangoing straight to the mom.
Kids rule, be they in terms of what to watch over TV or what to buy for themselves or what a household buys. The influence that the kids wield over purchase decisions in ahousehold along with the nagging effect that they have on their parents is growing day by day. With the increase in the number of working couples, their pester power is inversely proportionate to thetime available with parent.

Fisher Price uses “Pester Power” because they made flashy toys and children like that and also they show that on the web and television, and these advertising medium arereally good so that is where children got the all attention at the flashy toys and they know what to buy when they go to malls.

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Advertising mediumthat fisher price use are the tv’s commercial, web site, and sometimes magazine advertising

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