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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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Beauchamp 1
Professor Ivette Delgado
English 3103
October 27, 2010
Laptops in the Classroom
Computers are the technology that is taking control over the world. Laptops are very functional andpractical. They also are very useful for doing research and academic work. Many students use them in classroom for many uses. Some professors permit laptops in classroom while others not.
TinaRosovsky says that it is more fast to write notes with a computer than writing longhand. Students can type and listen at the same time. Like she said, “I think professors need to remember that differentstudents learn in different ways” (558). There are professors that allow laptops in classroom. Tina also says that not all the students takes notes, some of them are doing things except for payingattention to class. According to her all students pay tuition so that gave them the right to pay attention or not.
There are others professors that do not permit laptops in classroom due to a lot ofreasons. Some of these reasons are, like Robert McClellan says, that the professor cannot have eye contact with the student. They think that the students will not be so engaged in the class. Laptops aredistracting to those students that are non-users. Other reason is that inhibit discussion because the student is not attending to class. One of the main reasons why professors ban laptops from theclassroom is because they are told that students use them to check their emails and to do homework for other courses.
Laptops are very useful for academic work so it should be allowed in classroom.Some students do not use them for that intention, but that does not have to harm other students. At the end the ones that are not going to learn is them, so to those students that use laptops how theyshould, which is why professors should permit it. Not all the students learn the same way. The students should demonstrate respect to the professor by attending the class, but using a laptop does not...