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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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Partial 2 Project
Ms. Claudia Lugo
Information to information technology
Application software

In September 30 of 2009 we go to the company of l, it is located beside ClubCampestre A.C. it’s a company that help you out by advising what to do to with your money, how to invest and all that. It has 10 years of work that they have found this software that makes the work easier.The software that they use is an Specific Software that is called Bloomberg. This software is used to check out how all the bag of interest go up and down. It tells you all the things that happen asecond later. Mr. Bloomberg made this software; this man was an invested man. This software is not easy to use, you need to be paying to the company of Bloomberg a specific tax each month, you alsoneed to have a user, you also need to buy a special keyboard so you can use this software with more facility. You can install the software in just 4 computers. If you want to have it in more computersyou need to pay more taxes.
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Bloomberg | Check bag of interest | Secialized system |
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We reseached about a software called Roiter thatmakes the same functions as Bloomberg. It has a very good background of giving out very good advice of what you can do with your money without wasting it. This software is very easy to get unlike muchother software that you need to work hard to get. Also there is the cost advantage, it is very cheap to how good it is because it should be more costful.
Bloomberg has a lot in common with Roiterlike both of them are top software’s that gives you advice of what to do with your money. Roiter gives you advice of everywhere except of Mexico and on the other hand Bloomberg gives you advice oneverything including Mexico. zBloomberg also gives you more detailed information of what to do when Roiter gives you a less detailed information of what to do. Roiter also is a much slower software than...
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