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arem below a description of which is carnival brazil d adeams of as people prepare brazil
Carnival is an annual event that takes place forty days before Easter marking the beginning of Lent
Despitethe Catholic-inspired rather it is celebrated as a secular holiday than a religious event.
Its European origins date back to a kind of carnival called introitus ("entry" in Latin) and entrudo inPortuguese, which is characterized by the interplay of water thrown from one person to another to purify the body. The entrudo was banned without much success in the mid-nineteenth century, because itwas considered violent by the higher social classes (it is said that some people died from infections and other diseases because sometimes threw rotten fruit).

in brazil carnival festega other is inthe northeast of Brazil in the states of Bahia and the Holy Spirit is celebrated other major carnival in Salvador. In this carnival will use so-called electric trios that are trucks fitted with largespeakers and a platform where musicians play axé music. These trucks are specially designed for this type of holiday and only work as electric trios (not trucks). The carnival in Salvador, despite notbeing the best known, is probably the best and most fun carnival in the world. The best bands of axé and samba reggae music began in that city, such is the case of Ivete Sangalo, Claudia Leitte,Banda Eva, Nethinho, etc. Another city which emerged musicians
Amazon Carnival is a festival held annually in July in the city of Parintis and starred for two main blocos: Garant and Whimsical. It isbased on local folk elements and indigenous culture.

This conclusion was unknown to most Brazilians until 1996, when a musical group called Carrapicho introduced Tic Tic Tac success. This song is usedso far in the traditional carnival to celebrate the culture of the north.
in conclusion barasil carnival is very interesting because it has a variety of comidad besides many festivities for...
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